Eine Reise der Heilung und Freude: Antjes transformative Kristallmatte Erfahrungen mit EIRAMED® - EIRAMED

A journey of healing and joy: Antje's transformative crystal mat experiences with EIRAMED®

In the world of alternative health promotion, it is the stories of real people that touch and inspire us the most. Today we are sharing one such story with you – the heartwarming and transformative crystal mat experiences of our customer Antje.

Start of a fascinating journey

Antje's story begins with a deep gratitude and an awareness of the progress she has made.

“I wanted to say THANK YOU to you again – from the bottom of my heart. My body is making significant progress”

she writes to us in her email. These simple but powerful words introduce us to the world of change and healing that Antje experienced through the EIRAMED® crystal mat.

The transformative power of infrared deep heat

One of the first miracles Antje experienced was the normalization of her body temperature.

“My body temperature, which was always too low (was always around 35.1 to 35.3), is now always at least 36, permanently! “I even had days where I was at 36.4, unthinkable months before,” she reports.

This is a direct result of the infrared deep heat of our crystal mat. Due to its ability to penetrate deep into the muscles and tissue, this form of heat stimulates blood circulation. To enhance this effect, we have integrated ceramic balls into the mat, which guide the infrared radiation more evenly and deeper into the body. This combination not only ensures deeper heat penetration, but also optimizes the body's metabolic process. For Antje, this meant a noticeable improvement in her general condition and a new feeling of vitality.

Negative Ions: A touch of freshness and energy

The normalization of your body temperature can also be attributed to negative ion therapy . These ions are known for their invigorating and cleansing effects, increasing overall well-being and promoting balanced energy in the body. In Antje's case, this could have led to improved body regulation and an increased feeling of energy.

Surprising relief from back pain

Antje also reports:

"I didn't buy the mat because of my back pain, I had completely different priorities, but I also had them every night for two years before that. Just gone!"

This improvement is a sign of the effect of the integrated PEMF (magnetic field therapy) function . This advanced form of therapy works at the cellular level to relieve pain and support the healing process. It is remarkable how a technology originally developed for space missions has now improved Antje's sleep and quality of life.

A four-legged friend finds healing and comfort

The story takes another wonderful turn when Antje talks about her dog Moqui:

“Our dog thought the mat was okay at the beginning. I put his sniffer blanket under him and he stayed on it for about 30 minutes during the day. We have a ritual in the morning, as soon as the alarm goes off, he gets to go up to bed to cuddle for 5 minutes (the best minutes of the day), what does he always do now? No lie, every day he crawls under the covers and lies on my happy mat.”

This moment testifies to the universal appeal and effect of the crystal mat, which even reaches the animal members of our families. Schumann Resonance Therapy could play a key role here by promoting a sense of calm and well-being in animals and humans. The infrared deep heat also has a relaxing and soothing effect, just like it does for humans.

A journey of transformation

Antje's story is a shining example of the power of the various forms of therapy offered by our EIRAMED® crystal mat. Their experiences illustrate how the combination of gemstones, biophoton therapy, Schumann resonance therapy, PEMF, negative ions and infrared deep heat can lead to a comprehensive increase in well-being.

Antje writes: “We are overjoyed!”

Her story shows that healing and joy go hand in hand and that every step along the way counts. For our part, we draw incredible strength from customer feedback like this and promise to continue to give you the best, to continually optimize our products and to accompany and support you on your health journey.

Anastasia and Leonard from EIRAMED®

PS: A big thank you goes to Antje. We are very grateful that we are able to share your experiences with our crystal mat publicly and present it to those who are interested. The strength and motivation we can glean from reports like yours is immeasurable.

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