Negative Ionen in der EIRAMED® Kristallmatte - EIRAMED

Negative ions in the EIRAMED® crystal mat

Origin and occurrence of negative ions

Despite their name, negative ions actually have a positive effect on our health. They are present in large numbers in the purest nature, especially in places such as the mountains, forests, by the sea and in the sun. Here they clean our environment of harmful particles and toxins. However, as our lifestyles change and the amount of time we spend indoors and in air-conditioned spaces increases, we are increasingly exposed to positive ions, primarily emitted through the use of smartphones, cell phones and television towers. These positive ions have a negative impact on our health, causing our condition to worsen.

How negative ions affect the body

Negative ions contribute significantly to cell function in our body. They are absorbed through our respiratory tract and skin and support us in several areas. They promote detoxification, stabilize the immune system and are crucial for healthy cell growth and deep sleep. Due to their ability to effectively eliminate toxins, they facilitate the formation of new healthy cells. In addition, negative ions improve our performance and concentration and have a positive effect on our mood.

Support from the EIRAMED crystal mat

By embedding natural materials and specific minerals known for their ionizing properties, the EIRAMED® crystal mat continuously generates negative ions. These are then released to enrich the air around the crystal mat with a high density of negative ions, known for their health-promoting effects.

The release of negative ions by the EIRAMED® crystal mat occurs in a natural and efficient way that mimics the natural environment where negative ions occur in high concentrations, such as in forests, by the sea or after a rainfall. The mat's technology is designed to improve the balance between negative and positive ions indoors, which is particularly important in modern living spaces that are often polluted by electronic devices.

By creating an environment rich in negative ions, the EIRAMED® Crystal Mat supports the body in a variety of ways: from improving air quality and reducing toxins to promoting healthy cell growth and increased mental clarity. This makes the crystal mat a valuable tool for anyone wanting to support their health and well-being in an increasingly technological world.

The EIRAMED® crystal mat offers an efficient solution to optimize the balance of negative ions in our environment. While there are usually only 100-200 negative ions per cm³ in closed rooms and at least 400 to 1000 ions are required for our optimal health, the EIRAMED® crystal mat produces an impressive 500-1500 negative ions per cm³. These effectively support the detoxification and stabilization of the immune system, which leads to a generally improved well-being.

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