Schumann-Frequenz-Therapie mit der EIRAMED® Kristallmatte - EIRAMED

Schumann frequency therapy with the EIRAMED® crystal mat

Origin of the Schumann wave

The electromagnetic Schumann wave, often called the "heartbeat of the Earth," is a low-frequency resonance that can penetrate any material. It oscillates constantly at 7.83Hz and represents a natural and essential frequency of our planet. Every human being has a fine electromagnetic network that is designed from birth to interact with this universal frequency.

How it works in the human body

The Schumann wave has the ability to stimulate the human "power grid", creating a specific frequency resonance. This resonance forms the bridge between the electromagnetic field of the Schumann wave and the cell frequency of the human body. Harmonizing both energies helps maintain and renew balance within the human meridians. Such interaction not only helps reduce the damage that can be caused by ionizing EMF radiation, but also strengthens the body's natural geomagnetism.

Effect through the EIRAMED® crystal mat

Using the innovative technology of the EIRAMED crystal mat, an individual's internal system can be fine-tuned and realigned. Conscious resonance with the Schumann frequency promotes a deep synchronization of mind, body and soul with the natural rhythms of our planet. This leads to increased well-being as the body and mind are brought into a harmonious balance that is both relaxing and energizing. It is an invitation to return deeply to one's center and to live a life in complete balance.

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