Frequenztherapie mit der EIRAMED Kristallmatte - EIRAMED

Frequency therapy with the EIRAMED crystal mat

The electrical nature of our body

Did you know that a subtle current constantly flows through our bodies? Every living thing generates electricity, which is essential for our ability to live. The different elements in our cells, such as oxygen, hydrogen and carbon, carry different electrical charges. These are responsible for generating electricity and transmitting vital signals to different parts of our body.

PEMF: Specific stimulation through pulsating electromagnetic fields

PEMF, which stands for “pulsating electromagnetic field,” is a modern and specialized form of magnetic field therapy. Special devices are used to generate electromagnetic fields with different waveforms and frequencies that pulsate. This pulsating field interacts directly with the electrical activity in our cells and muscle tissue, supporting and optimizing our body's natural electrical process. The result? Improved cell function, increased physical performance and accelerated regeneration processes.

Benefits of PEMF for health and well-being

PEMF is more than just a therapeutic technology. The targeted and localized application of PEMF can accelerate our body's healing process. Even short periods of application can develop the healing effect. The core effect is to correct disturbed electrical processes in the body. The pulsating magnetic field promotes the harmonious balance in our system and can thus contribute to increased well-being and a general improvement in health. The use of PEMF is non-invasive and has been proven to be safe and effective in supporting the body's natural healing process. It's fascinating how advanced technologies like PEMF can harness our deep understanding of the electricity in our cells to activate and strengthen our self-healing powers.


Magnetic field therapy (PEMF) with the EIRAMED® crystal mat

The EIRAMED crystal mat integrates state-of-the-art magnetic field coils to take advantage of the advantages of PEMF (pulsating electromagnetic field) technology and enable targeted stimulation of the body. These specially designed coils create pulsating electromagnetic fields that are carefully tailored to our body's natural electrical processes. By interacting with the electrical activity in our cells, they promote optimized cell function and support the body's own regeneration processes.

A standout feature of the EIRAMED crystal mat is the 14 preset frequency programs tailored to different needs and conditions to provide a personalized therapy experience. These programs cover a wide range of frequencies specifically selected for their positive effects on the body, from relieving pain to promoting relaxation and general well-being.

In addition to the selection of preset programs, the mat also offers the ability to manually set frequencies in the range of 1-30Hz. This allows users to tailor PEMF therapy even more to their personal needs and fine-tune the treatment for optimal results. The combination of advanced PEMF technology and the flexibility provided by customizable frequency settings makes the EIRAMED Crystal Mat a powerful tool designed to support and accelerate the body's natural healing and regeneration processes by harmonizing the inherent electrical nature of our cells supports.

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