EIRAMED®: Inspiration and innovation for your health

Inspired by the Norse healing goddess Eira

At EIRAMED® we draw our inspiration from Eira, the Nordic goddess of healing. Our mission is clear: We want to enable you to actively shape and improve your health. With in-depth knowledge of medical technology and healthcare, we set new standards in holistic health promotion.

The EIRAMED® crystal mat: A synthesis of nature and science

Our heart, the EIRAMED® crystal mat, is the result of intensive research and collaboration between experts from science, medicine and naturopathy. It combines the untouched power of nature with the latest technology and offers a variety of forms of therapy based on natural healing principles.

Unique features of our products

  • Titanium protection : The EIRAMED® crystal mat is equipped with a special titanium layer that filters and neutralizes harmful electromagnetic radiation for a pure and healthy therapy experience.
  • Mineral Clay Blend : Using bamboo and charcoal, yellow clay and a selection of natural crystals, our mat optimizes the effects of far-infrared and mid-infrared heat to achieve deep therapeutic effects.
  • Variety of gemstones : Nine different gemstones, including amethyst and tourmaline, enrich the mat with their healing vibrations, promote detoxification and support physical and mental regeneration.
  • Ceramic balls and infrared deep heat : This combination promotes an intensive heat treatment that penetrates deep into the tissue and improves blood circulation and pain relief.

Your path to holistic health

We are proud that our crystal mat and gemstone meditation cushion help people around the world improve their well-being. Inspired by the wisdom of Eira, we invite you to join us on the path to holistic health and discover the healing powers of nature.

In deep connection with the tradition of Eira and the innovative spirit of EIRAMED®,

Anastasia & Leonard

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