Die 9 Edelsteine der EIRAMED Kristallmatte - EIRAMED

The 9 gemstones of the EIRAMED crystal mat

Tradition and meaning of gemstones

For thousands of years, cultures around the world have valued gemstones for their special healing properties. In alternative medicine, they are considered an effective means of balancing physical, mental and emotional imbalances. The belief behind it is that gemstones radiate positive vibrations that harmonize and revitalize our bodies.

Healing powers of different gemstones

Nine special gemstones are integrated into the EIRAMED® crystal mat, which together offer a potpourri of healing vibrations:

  • Amethyst : A stone of mental clarity that provides relaxation and awareness. It is traditionally used for headaches and sleep disorders.
  • Lapis Lazuli : A sky blue stone that improves vision, treats insomnia, and supports the throat chakra.
  • Jade : Known for harmonizing the throat chakra, it promotes more efficient body function and provides emotional balance.
  • Greener Aventurine : This stone activates the heart chakra, helps with heart and lung problems and radiates serenity.
  • Red Garnet : An energy stone that promotes vitality and activates the root chakra.
  • Huang Dongling Jade : This particular type of jade activates the solar plexus chakra and promotes joy and creativity.
  • Red Agate : A stone that influences the sacral chakra and provides harmony between body and mind.
  • Tourmaline : An all-rounder that promotes both physical and emotional well-being and has a variety of healing properties.
  • whiter Crystal Quartz : A clear stone that represents mental clarity and purity and activates the crown chakra.

Unique technology of the EIRAMED® crystal mat

The combination of these gemstones on the mat ensures that their healing vibrations are evenly distributed throughout the body, promoting harmonious balance and well-being. In addition, a special tourmaline ceramic composition is integrated into the EIRAMED® crystal mat, which acts as a negative ion booster. This unique combination of tourmaline, clay and other special materials enhances the health-promoting effects of the mat.

Tourmaline ceramic technology: The synergy of gemstones and negative ions in the EIRAMED® crystal mat

The EIRAMED® crystal mat not only combines the powerful effects of selected gemstones, but also integrates a groundbreaking tourmaline-ceramic composition that enhances the healing properties of the stones many times over. This innovative technology utilizes tourmaline's natural ability to generate negative ions and harmonize electromagnetic fields. In combination with specially selected clay and other materials that optimize conductivity and energy transfer, a synergy is created that intensifies the healing vibrations of the gemstones and passes them on directly to the user.

This unique composition makes the EIRAMED® crystal mat a powerful tool for holistic health promotion. The mat acts as a catalyst, maximizing the positive effects of the gemstones and enabling deep, penetrating healing. Users experience an increased effect on a physical, mental and spiritual level that goes far beyond traditional applications. The EIRAMED® crystal mat therefore offers a comprehensive solution for everyone who is looking for natural ways to increase their well-being, reduce stress and promote a harmonious balance in everyday life.

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