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Chakren Meditationskissen - EIRAMED
Chakren Meditationskissen - EIRAMED
Chakren Meditationskissen - EIRAMED

Chakra meditation cushion

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    Chakren Meditationskissen - EIRAMED
    Chakren Meditationskissen - EIRAMED
    Chakren Meditationskissen - EIRAMED

    Product details


    EIRAMED® chakra meditation cushion: your companion to deep meditation and inner harmony

    Do you sometimes feel blocked on your way to deep meditation? Are your thoughts drifting instead of focusing on your inner self? With the EIRAMED® chakra meditation cushion you will now experience a revolution in your meditation practice. This cushion, the first of its kind in the world to incorporate seven gemstones, is specifically designed to take your meditation experience to a new dimension and harmonize your chakras.

    Why the EIRAMED® Chakra Meditation Cushion will transform your spiritual experience:

    • Adapted comfort: Enjoy optimal seating comfort and stability thanks to the high-quality buckwheat hull filling, perfectly adapted to your sitting position.
    • Chakra Energy: Seven powerful gemstones, matched to your major chakras, balance your energy and support your spiritual journey.
    • Energetic alignment and emotional well-being: Harmonizing your energy centers leads to deep relaxation and promotes your physical and mental well-being.
    • Practical and easy to care for: With the carrying strap and an easy-care, vegan leather fabric, your pillow accompanies you everywhere and remains easy to clean.

    Discover how the EIRAMED® chakra meditation cushion enriches your meditation practice and helps you achieve inner peace and balance.

    Product features & benefits

    Unique gemstones for your chakras:
    The EIRAMED® Chakra Meditation Cushion carefully integrates seven specially selected gemstones that correspond to your main chakras - Red Jasper, Citrine, Green Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Moonstone and White Crystal Quartz. These powerful stones are known for their ability to harmonize the body's energy centers and promote spiritual development. Each stone has been specifically placed to optimize energetic alignment and balance during your meditation practice.

    Dimensions for deep comfort:
    With a height of 15 cm and a diameter of 40 cm, the cushion provides a comfortable and supportive base for your meditation posture. The size is ideal for promoting an ergonomic sitting position, allowing you to enjoy even longer meditation sessions without discomfort.

    High-quality materials and design:

    • Buckwheat hull filling: The filling made from high-quality buckwheat hulls adapts perfectly to your sitting position, offers optimal support and promotes correct alignment of your spine.
    • Vegan Leather Weave Fabric: The upper is made from a high quality vegan leather weave fabric that is not only sustainable and durable but also provides luxurious comfort. This material has been specifically selected for its durability and ease of care, mimicking the tactile experience of real leather without its environmental footprint.
    • Mesh Cover for Energy Transfer: The innovative mesh cover over the gemstones ensures that their energetic qualities can flow freely to you, while also keeping the gemstones securely on the pillow. This thoughtful design choice maximizes energetic transmission and ensures you experience the full benefits of gemstone therapy.

    Environmentally conscious and practical design:
    In addition to its spiritual benefits, the EIRAMED® Chakra Meditation Cushion was designed with practicality and environmental awareness in mind. The use of sustainable materials and the included carrying strap underline our commitment to the responsible use of resources and convenience in your daily meditation practice.

    Care instructions

    • A soft, slightly damp cloth is sufficient for everyday cleaning.
    • Avoid using harsh cleaning agents to avoid damaging the material.

    With these simple care instructions, your pillow will stay beautiful and comfortable for a long time.

    Health Benefits

    Health benefits from a scientific perspective

    Using the EIRAMED® Chakra Meditation Cushion in your daily practice can bring numerous health benefits that support both your physical well-being and your mental and emotional health .

    Promoting physical health:

    • Ergonomic Support: By elevating the hips above the knees, the pillow helps promote natural and healthy spinal alignment. This can reduce back pain and improve overall posture.
    • Improved circulation: An ergonomic sitting position allows for better blood circulation. This is especially important during longer meditation sessions, where restricted blood circulation can cause discomfort or numbness.

    Strengthening mental and emotional health:

    • Stress reduction: Regular meditation has been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety. The meditation cushion promotes a more comfortable and therefore deeper meditation practice, which can further enhance the stress-reducing effects.
    • Promoting emotional balance: The selected gemstones are specifically placed to support the harmonization of the chakras. This can lead to improved emotional balance and help promote feelings of calm and contentment.

    Supporting spiritual development:

    • Deep meditative states: By supporting a correct meditative posture and the energetic effects of the gemstones, the pillow can help you delve deeper into meditation. This opens new avenues for personal growth and spiritual insights.
    • Increasing mindfulness: The improved quality of meditation practice can increase awareness and mindfulness in everyday life, leading to an increased quality of life.

    Long-term benefits:
    Regular use of the EIRAMED® chakra meditation cushion can have a profound and long-lasting effect on your general well-being. By helping you establish a consistent practice, it not only supports your physical health, but also promotes mental clarity, emotional resilience, and spiritual growth.

    The history of the creation of the EIRAMED® chakra cushion

    The history of the creation of the EIRAMED® chakra cushion - the first and only chakra cushion in the world

    The journey of the EIRAMED® Chakra Pillow began with a vision: to create a meditation pillow that not only provides physical comfort during meditation, but also enables a deeper connection to the body's energetic centers - the chakras. Our goal was to develop a product that supports and enriches our users' spiritual practice by promoting a harmonious balance between body, mind and soul.

    Inspiration and design:
    The inspiration behind the EIRAMED® chakra cushion came from the millennia-old tradition of chakra theory, combined with modern insights into ergonomic design and material science. We wanted to create a pillow that was not only comfortable and practical, but also served as a tool for spiritual growth. The incorporation of seven specially selected gemstones that correspond to the seven main chakras was a key aspect of our design. Each stone has been carefully selected for its energetic properties and its ability to harmonize and strengthen the respective chakras.

    Innovation and quality:
    The development of the EIRAMED® chakra cushion was a process of innovation and commitment to the highest quality. Every element, from the filling to the cover, has been carefully selected to ensure the optimal meditation and sitting experience. The use of vegan leather fabric and buckwheat hull filling reflects our commitment to sustainability and user comfort.

    Uniqueness and Recognition:
    The EIRAMED® chakra cushion is now the first and only one of its kind in the world. It represents the successful union of traditional spiritual knowledge and modern product development. Since its introduction, the cushion has received recognition and praise from meditators worldwide who attest to its transformative impact on their practice.

    Our mission:
    Our mission is to offer a tool through the EIRAMED® chakra cushion that supports people in finding their inner harmony and fully exploiting their spiritual potential. We firmly believe that a deep connection to our energetic centers is the key to a fulfilling and balanced life.


    What dimensions does the EIRAMED® chakra cushion have?

    The EIRAMED® chakra cushion has a height of 15 cm and a diameter of 40 cm. This size has been carefully chosen to ensure optimal support and comfort for meditators of all statures.

    Is the meditation cushion suitable for beginners?

    Absolutely! The EIRAMED® Chakra Meditation Cushion is designed for meditators of all experience levels, from beginners to advanced. It provides the support and comfort you need to deepen your meditation practice, regardless of your previous experience.

    Can I also use the pillow for yoga exercises?

    Yes, the EIRAMED® chakra cushion is versatile and, in addition to meditation, is also ideal for yoga exercises, especially for postures that require additional support or to specifically intensify asanas - such as the Cobra.

    Are the gemstones removable for individual cleansing rituals?

    The gemstones are firmly integrated into the cushion and designed to be optimally positioned during meditation. For energetic cleansing rituals, we recommend incorporating the entire pillow into the cleansing practice without removing the stones.

    Is the interior of the EIRAMED® chakra cushion replaceable?

    Yes, the interior of the EIRAMED® chakra cushion is replaceable. The pillow is equipped with a zipper that allows you to easily remove the inner bag filled with buckwheat hulls. This feature not only provides the ability to renew or adjust the filling if necessary, but also makes cleaning the outer cover easier. This way you can ensure that your meditation cushion stays fresh and supportive as you deepen your meditation practice.

    How do I charge the gemstones energetically?

    The gemstones in your meditation cushion can be energetically charged in different ways. One method is to place the pillow in the moonlight overnight, especially during the full moon, to harness the moon's natural energy. Another option is to smoke the gemstones with white sage or Palo Santo to cleanse and renew their energy.

    Can the pillow be used outdoors?

    Yes, the EIRAMED® chakra meditation cushion can be used outdoors. However, make sure to protect it from moisture to avoid material damage.

    How do the gemstones work during meditation?

    The gemstones integrated into the pillow are designed to harmonize and strengthen the energy flows of your chakras. Its energetic vibrations support a deep connection to your inner self and promote increased awareness and well-being.

    How often should I energetically cleanse my EIRAMED® chakra cushion?

    We recommend carrying out energetic cleaning approximately once a month, depending on frequency of use. This can be done through smudging, placement in moonlight, or singing bowls to maintain and renew the energetic properties of the gemstones.