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The Healing Power of Bian Stones: An In-Depth Insight

The healing power of Bian stones and ultrasound pulsations

At the borderline between ancient wisdom and modern science, Bian stones reveal a fascinating fusion of these worlds. As one of the oldest remedies in the history of medicine, Bian stones are much more than just stones; they are carriers of a deep, therapeutic power. Millennia-old practices and lore have highlighted their ability to produce natural ultrasonic pulsations, a property that has only recently been confirmed and understood through modern scientific studies.

These ultrasonic pulsations emitted by the Bian Stones when they come into contact with the skin provide a unique therapeutic effect. They penetrate deep into the body's tissues and promote blood circulation, relieve pain and support healing at the cellular level. The science behind these stones reveals how they promote healing processes in the body by producing high-frequency sound waves.

In our blog post we take you on a journey through time to explore the historical significance of the Bian stones, illuminate their unique properties and understand how they are used in modern therapy methods, such as the EIRAMED® Crystal Mat Pro . We delve into the world of Bian stones to explore their role in today's health and wellness landscape and how they have the potential to revolutionize our understanding of natural healing.

What are Bian Stones?

Bian stones, which have their origins in ancient Chinese medicine, are more than just ordinary stones. Its history goes back thousands of years and is closely linked to the development of traditional Chinese medicine. Originally found in the Yellow River region, they have historically been used as healing tools to treat various health ailments.

These stones are unique in their composition; they contain a rare combination of over 30 minerals and trace elements, including Sibin stone, a special mineral complex known for its therapeutic properties. This special composition of Bian stones is believed to be responsible for their healing properties, such as the ability to improve microcirculation in the body, reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

The scientific community has studied the Bian Stones in more detail in recent years. Various studies highlight their potential applications in modern therapy. Through their unique mineral composition, Bian stones offer a fascinating combination of ancient wisdom and modern science, making them a sought-after ingredient in today's wellness and health industry.

The Science Behind Bian Stones

Scientific research into the Bian Stones has shown that these ancient remedies offer more than just traditional beliefs. The stones are known to be able to cause biophysical changes when in contact with the skin, resulting in various health benefits. One of the most outstanding properties of Bian stones is their ability to promote blood circulation. This is achieved by improving microcirculation in the treated areas, resulting in increased oxygen and nutrient supply to the cells.

Additionally, studies have shown that bian stones can help relax muscles. They have a positive effect on muscle tissue, reducing tension and can help relieve muscle soreness and stiffness. These effects are particularly useful in treating conditions related to muscle tension and poor blood circulation.

Another significant aspect of the Bian stones is their thermal reaction. One study examined the thermal properties of Bian stones and found that they can release heat in a way that penetrates deep into tissue, resulting in therapeutic effects.

These scientific findings confirm that Bian stones are not only a relic of the past, but are still relevant and effective tools in modern therapy today. They offer a fascinating mix of traditional healing and scientifically proven benefits.

The connection between Bian stones and ultrasonic pulsations

Bian stones have a remarkable property: they can produce natural ultrasonic pulsations. This ability is due to their unique mineral composition. When Bian stones are rubbed or applied to the skin, they react physically by emitting ultrasonic waves. These waves are in the range from 2 to 2000 kilohertz and are therefore inaudible to the human ear.

The ultrasound waves generated have the ability to penetrate deep into the skin and the underlying tissue layers. This penetration allows the waves to produce therapeutic effects such as improving microcirculation, promoting cell regeneration and relieving pain. The ultrasound pulsations of the Bian stones are therefore a key element of their healing effects and make them a valuable tool in modern therapy and wellness.

What are Ultrasonic Pulsations?

Ultrasonic pulsations use sound waves with a frequency that is above the range of human hearing. These pulsations are able to penetrate deep into tissue and achieve therapeutic effects there. In medicine they are often used for imaging procedures such as ultrasound examinations, but they also show remarkable advantages in therapeutic use.

The effects of ultrasound pulsations in the body are diverse. For example, they can gently warm tissue, which can lead to improved blood circulation, relaxation of muscle tissue and acceleration of healing processes. This gentle heating can also increase tissue elasticity, which is particularly useful in treating muscle and tendon injuries.

Ultrasonic pulsations are also valued for their ability to increase cell permeability. This can improve the absorption of medications in certain therapies and help treat deep-seated inflammation or pain more effectively.

This is what science says about Bian-Stein

Scientific research offers fascinating insights into the diverse therapeutic applications of Bian Stone Therapy. One study compared the effectiveness of Bian stones for treating back pain with the moxibustion technique. Both methods showed improvements, with Bian Stone therapy highlighted as equally effective but more comfortable and safer.

In another study on periarthritis of the shoulder, Bian stone therapy was found to be more effective than electroacupuncture, particularly in terms of pain relief and increased functionality.

Finally, a third study illustrated the benefits of Bian Stone therapy in postoperative rehabilitation after abortion, allowing for faster recovery, less blood loss, and less pain. These research findings underscore the broad applicability and effectiveness of Bian Stone Therapy in various medical contexts.

Application examples in practice

In practice, Bian stones and their ultrasound pulsations are used innovatively in products such as the EIRAMED® Crystal Mat Pro . There are 62 Bian stones strategically placed in this mat to take full advantage of the benefits of the natural ultrasonic waves they produce. When lying on the mat, the Bian stones come into direct contact with the body, releasing the therapeutic ultrasound waves. These waves penetrate deep into the tissue, promoting blood circulation and stimulating healing, which contributes to effective relief of muscle tension and pain as well as general relaxation.



The fascinating world of Bian stones and ultrasound pulsations offers a rich range of therapeutic possibilities. From their historical use in traditional Chinese medicine to their integration into modern therapy devices such as the EIRAMED® Crystal Mat Pro , they offer a variety of health benefits. These technologies promote blood circulation, stimulate cell regeneration and contribute to pain relief and relaxation. For anyone interested in innovative ways to promote their well-being, it is worth further exploring the unique properties and applications of these ancient healing stones and modern ultrasound technologies.

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