Biophotonen-Therapie mit der EIRAMED® Kristallmatte - EIRAMED

Biophoton therapy with the EIRAMED® crystal mat

Origin of biophoton therapy

Biophotons are ultra-weak light emissions that act as information carriers in a biochemical context (bio=life; photons=light). This phenomenon, also known as ultraweak photon emission (UPE), plays a central role in biophoton therapy. We originally absorb biophotons through natural sources such as the sun and fresh foods, especially fruits and vegetables. These nutrients are essential for numerous metabolic processes in our body. However, many of the foods we buy today are pre-processed, which can lead to nutrient deficiencies.

How biophoton therapy works

The therapy uses biophotons to activate our body's self-healing powers. By stimulating diseased cells, a variety of complaints can be alleviated. It has a positive effect on our sleep, our immune system and our hormonal balance. One of the striking features of the therapy is the promotion of the release of the body's own pain-reducing hormone endorphin. This "happiness hormone" has a catalytic effect on organic processes and optimizes the transport of oxygen and nutrients in the body, thereby accelerating the recovery process.

Effects of biophoton therapy on our body

In addition to the general improvement of metabolic processes, biophoton therapy also has specific positive effects on a number of health problems. It is used in particular for chronic illnesses such as depression and rheumatism, but also supports disorders in the cardiovascular system, sleep and concentration disorders as well as skin problems and states of exhaustion. The therapeutic use of biophotons helps to restore balance in our body and support the natural healing processes.

Biophoton therapy in the EIRAMED crystal mat

The EIRAMED crystal mat progressively integrates the principles of biophoton therapy through the use of specially developed biophoton emitters. These spotlights are designed to emit a controlled amount of biophotons, similar to natural light emissions, which are essential for the body's own healing processes. Embedding these emitters into the mat ensures even and comprehensive coverage of the body with biophoton light, allowing for profound stimulation of the cells.

The effect of the biophoton emitters in the EIRAMED crystal mat is based on the targeted stimulation of cell communication. Biophotons act as information carriers between cells and help optimize cellular energy production and metabolism. This leads to the activation of the body's self-healing powers and supports regeneration at the cellular level. By transmitting biophoton light directly to the body, the mat supports the natural healing process, reduces inflammation, and strengthens the immune system.

In addition, the EIRAMED crystal mat promotes improved oxygen supply and nutrient distribution in the body thanks to the specific wavelength and intensity of the emitted biophotons. This has a positive effect on overall vitality and well-being, supports detoxification processes and can help relieve pain and discomfort. Using the mat is a non-invasive, painless method to promote the body's natural healing processes and support holistic well-being.

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