Infrarot-Wärme-Therapie mit der EIRAMED® Kristallmatte - EIRAMED

Infrared heat therapy with the EIRAMED® crystal mat

Origin and nature of infrared deep heat

Infrared deep heat is a special form of heat therapy. In its most natural form, this infrared light comes from the sun's rays, allowing it to penetrate deep into the body. This deep heat not only offers numerous health benefits, but also puts us in a state of deep relaxation, similar to the warming and calming embrace of the sun's rays.

How infrared deep heat works

A key feature of infrared deep heat is its ability to increase body temperature. This has a number of positive effects:

  • Metabolic stimulation : By increasing body temperature, metabolism is accelerated. This can increase calorie consumption and help lose excess fat.
  • Detox effect : The heat helps the body remove toxins, including heavy metals, by increasing blood circulation and oxygen transport to cells.
  • Pain relief : Infrared deep heat can relieve tension and pain in muscles, joints and the back area. In addition, endorphins are released, which provide a feeling of well-being and pain relief.
  • Improving Blood Circulation : Deep heat dilates blood vessels, transporting oxygen and nutrients to cells more efficiently, supporting tissue regeneration.

Health benefits and immune system support

In addition to the specific effects, infrared deep heat also offers broader health benefits. A main benefit is supporting and strengthening the immune system. The stimulated physiological processes, in particular the increase in body temperature and the stimulation of metabolism, make the immune system more robust, making the body better equipped to fight infections and diseases. Overall, infrared deep heat contributes significantly to improving general well-being.

Infrared deep heat therapy with the EIRAMED® crystal mat

The EIRAMED crystal mat uses the most advanced A10 infrared heaters to bring the profound benefits of infrared deep heat directly to the user. These spotlights are designed to emit a special infrared light that has the ability to penetrate deep into the body's tissues. In contrast to conventional heat, which only warms the surface of the skin, infrared deep heat also reaches deeper muscles and joints. This leads to more effective heating from the inside out and therefore stimulates metabolism, supports the body in detoxification and promotes healing of muscle and joint pain.

The infrared radiators of the EIRAMED crystal mat are also arranged in such a way that they ensure an even distribution of heat across the entire mat. This ensures comprehensive coverage of the body and maximizes therapeutic effects. By using the mat, the body's natural healing processes are supported, blood circulation is promoted and the immune system is strengthened. The targeted application of infrared deep heat through the EIRAMED crystal mat allows users to benefit from the numerous health benefits of this form of therapy in the comfort of their own home.

Ceramic balls in the EIRAMED® crystal mat for a more intensive healing effect

The innovative combination of the infrared heaters with the specially integrated ceramic balls in the EIRAMED crystal mat further enhances the therapeutic benefits of infrared deep heat. These ceramic balls are made from materials known for their ability to reflect and retain infrared rays, allowing for more even and longer-lasting heat release. The resulting deep heat not only penetrates the fabric effectively, but also ensures a mild and constant supply of heat that increases well-being without irritating the skin.

The presence of the ceramic balls optimizes the effect of the infrared rays by creating a gentle but intense heat that penetrates deep into the areas of the body that need healing and relaxation. This not only promotes relief from muscle tension and joint pain, but also helps improve microcirculation and stimulate the lymphatic system. The improved blood circulation and detoxification achieved by the synergistic effect of infrared rays and ceramic balls significantly contributes to increasing physical recovery and supporting natural regeneration processes. Users of the EIRAMED crystal mat can experience a holistic improvement in their health, from increased relaxation to effective support of the immune system.

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