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The EIRAMED crystal mat | Natural way to lose weight and stimulate metabolism

The EIRAMED crystal mat - a natural way to lose weight and stimulate your metabolism

When looking for effective and natural methods for weight loss and metabolism stimulation, you often come across the EIRAMED crystal mat. This innovative therapy mat combines different forms of therapy to not only promote relaxation and healing, but also to help you lose weight and increase metabolism. In this blog post we will go into more detail about how the EIRAMED Crystal Mat helps lose weight and boost metabolism, particularly through the use of specific gemstones.

Biophoton therapy:

Biophotons are electromagnetic waves emitted by living organisms, including the human body. They serve as a means of communication between cells and influence important biochemical processes. Through exposure to biophotons on the EIRAMED crystal mat, cell functions can be stimulated and metabolism stimulated. This can lead to more efficient burning of calories and increased energy production, which in turn can support weight loss.

Negative ions:

Negative ions are electrically charged particles that occur in nature, especially near waterfalls, in the forest or by the sea. They have the ability to improve mood, reduce stress and stimulate metabolism. Negative ions are generated on the EIRAMED crystal mat to provide the body with natural ionization. This can boost metabolism and lead to increased burning of calories. In addition, negative ions can improve oxygen absorption in the body and promote blood circulation, which can also aid weight loss.

Magnetic field therapy (PEMF):

Magnetic field therapy works with pulsating electromagnetic fields that penetrate the body. These pulsating fields can stimulate cell metabolism, increase blood circulation and improve oxygen supply. By using magnetic field therapy on the EIRAMED crystal mat, the metabolism can be stimulated, which can lead to increased calorie consumption and improved fat burning. Increased cell activity and optimized metabolism can in turn promote weight loss.

Infrared deep heat:

Infrared deep heat , another valuable form of therapy on the EIRAMED crystal mat, shows considerable effects in losing weight and stimulating the metabolism. Through the targeted application of infrared rays, the heat penetrates deep into the tissue and creates various positive reactions. Infrared deep heat has the remarkable ability to activate metabolism by increasing body temperature. This increase leads to increased energy consumption, which means that more fat reserves are used as an energy source. This in turn supports weight loss.

Another positive aspect of infrared deep heat is that it promotes fat loss. By selectively heating the tissue, fat cells are stimulated to mobilize and break down fat - a process known as lipolysis. Through this more effective reduction of unwanted fat deposits, infrared deep heat supports weight loss.

In addition, the infrared deep heat contributes to detoxification. By increasing body temperature, the skin pores open, allowing the body to eliminate harmful substances and toxins more efficiently. This enhanced detoxification process not only impacts weight loss, but also overall health and vitality.

In addition to its direct effects on metabolism and fat loss, infrared deep heat also offers a relaxing and stress-reducing effect. The pleasant warmth penetrates deep into the muscles and relieves tension. This improves blood circulation, promotes oxygen supply to the tissue, and accelerates regeneration after physical activity. Additionally, infrared deep heat can support the reduction of stress hormones such as cortisol, which can reduce cravings and emotional eating. This enables better control over eating behavior and promotes sustainable weight loss.


The EIRAMED crystal mat contains 9 different gemstones , some of which can particularly help stimulate the metabolism. Each gemstone has its own energetic signature and can have specific effects on the body. Here is more information about some of the gemstones and their effect on metabolism:


Amethyst can boost metabolism by helping the body burn fat and promote the elimination of toxins.

Green Aventurine:

Often associated with the heart chakra, green aventurine can gently stimulate metabolism while also having a calming effect on the body.

Lapis Lazuli:

Lapis Lazuli promotes metabolic activity by supporting the body in detoxification and improving the elimination of waste products.

Red Garnet:

Red garnet can increase metabolism by promoting blood circulation and improving oxygen transport to cells. This can lead to increased energy production and increased calorie consumption.


Tourmaline can boost metabolism by balancing the flow of energy in the body and stimulating cellular activity. This can contribute to increased fat burning and improved metabolism.

Huangdongling Jade:

Huangdongling Jade is often associated with supporting the digestive system. By promoting healthy digestion, it can support metabolism and promote efficient nutrient absorption.


Jade can boost metabolism by helping the body eliminate toxins and balancing the flow of energy in the body. This can lead to increased energy production and improved metabolism.

Red agate:

Red agate can stimulate metabolism by increasing cellular activity and balancing energy flow in the body. This can lead to improved fat burning and increased calorie consumption.

White Crystal Quartz:

White crystal quartz represents clarity and purity. It can boost metabolism by balancing energy in the body and optimizing energy flow. This can lead to improved metabolic activity and increased calorie consumption. The combined effect of these gemstones on the EIRAMED crystal mat can stimulate metabolism, which can lead to increased energy consumption and improved weight loss.

The EIRAMED crystal mat offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to stimulate metabolism and support weight loss. The combination of biophoton therapy, negative ions, magnetic field therapy (PEMF), infrared deep heat and the use of specific gemstones aims to stimulate metabolism, increase cellular activity, improve blood circulation and increase energy production. These effects can contribute to increased calorie consumption, increased fat burning and effective weight loss. It is important to note that the EIRAMED crystal mat should be viewed as a complementary therapy method and a healthy diet and regular exercise continue to be important factors for successful weight loss. The EIRAMED crystal mat can therefore play a supporting role in a holistic approach to weight loss and metabolism stimulation.

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