This is EIRAMED®

Eira is the goddess of medicine and healing in Norse mythology. We at EIRAMED® are fascinated by this symbolism and see a deep connection to our mission. Our goal is to live health and give every person the opportunity to take control of their own health .

With our backgrounds in medical technology and healthcare, we are committed to serving humanity with the highest goal of promoting people's well-being . Inspired by nature and the diverse forms of therapy it offers us, the idea of ​​bringing a universal health aid onto the market was born.

Through years of research and close collaboration between scientists , doctors and alternative practitioners, we have succeeded in developing what is probably the most holistic therapy product of modern times - our EIRAMED® crystal mat . This mat combines the best of nature and literally brings the unbridled power of our beautiful planet “at our feet”.

The EIRAMED® crystal mat is the result of our passion for health and our striving for optimal support of the body in its natural healing . By combining high-quality materials, innovative technology and the healing properties of crystals, it offers a unique and effective therapeutic experience.

We are proud that our crystal mat helps people around the world improve their health , relieve pain and increase their well-being . With Eira, the Nordic goddess of healing, as our inspiration, we are committed to ensuring that every person has the opportunity to develop their full health potential .

Let's walk the path to holistic health together and use the miraculous powers of nature. Discover the transformative powers of the EIRAMED® crystal mat and the EIRAMED® gemstone meditation cushion and give your body and mind the best they deserve.

In deep connection with Eira and the mission of EIRAMED®,

Anastasia & Leonard

EIRAMED® is a word and image trademark protected by the German Patent & Trademark Office. 
T he headquarters of EIRAMED GbR is located in Meerbusch, NRW in Germany.