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White Crystal Quartz - A source of cleansing and renewal

White Crystal Quartz is a sacred stone that has been revered around the world for centuries. In ancient times in particular, it was used as a talisman and tool for divination and healing. Even today, white crystal quartz is still one of the most used and best-known healing stones.

History of White Crystal Quartz

The ancient Greeks believed that crystal quartz contained divine energy and used it as a tool for divination and healing. In the Middle Ages, crystal quartz was worn in Europe as an amulet against illness and negative energies. In Chinese and Indian culture, crystal quartz was seen as a symbol of purity and spirituality.

Today, crystal quartz has found its place in modern wellness and healing. White crystal quartz is often referred to as the "master healer" because it has a variety of positive effects on the body and mind.

Health Benefits of White Crystal Quartz

Cleansing and detoxification:

White Crystal Quartz has the ability to remove negative energy and toxins from the body and purify it. It can help relieve stress and revitalize the body.

Clarity and concentration:

The healing stone white crystal quartz can help calm the mind and provide clarity. It supports concentration and memory if you want to have a clear and focused mind.

Balance and harmony:

White crystal quartz helps balance the energy field, harmonize the chakras, balance and stabilize the emotional state.

Protection and Strengthening:

The stone can serve as a shield against negative energies and help strengthen and protect the aura. It can help boost your confidence and inner strength

Vitality and Energy:

White Crystal Quartz is often viewed as a "battery" for the body as it can help increase energy and vitality. It supports you in reducing stress and helps you revitalize your body. When you feel tired or exhausted, white crystal quartz can help recharge your energy.

It's no wonder that white crystal quartz has been revered as a sacred stone for centuries. Its positive effects on the body and mind make it one of the most used and best-known healing stones.

We owe our EIRAMED crystal mat a unique combination of nine different healing stones, which when combined have an extraordinary effect on the body and mind. One of these valuable healing stones is white crystal quartz , which has been considered one of the most revered stones in the world of healing and spirituality for centuries. With its remarkable power and purity, white crystal quartz has the ability to dissipate negative energies and revitalize the body. And now you can also enjoy its beneficial properties in our EIRAMED crystal mat, where it develops a powerful and harmonizing effect together with other healing stones.

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