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Huang Dongling Jade - The healing stone for healthy skin

Huang Dongling Jade is a rare and exceptional healing stone that comes from the majestic mountains of Dongling in China. For centuries, this unique healing stone has been valued for its remarkable healing properties and aesthetic beauty. People have passed this healing stone down from generation to generation and used it in different cultures and traditions.

But what makes Huang Dongling Jade so special? It is their ability to heal and strengthen both body and mind. This healing stone is valued for its detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties and is also said to be able to strengthen the immune system and restore balance in the body. Additionally, Huang Dongling Jade is valued for its calming effects on the mind, which can help with stress and anxiety.

History of Huang Dongling Jade

Huang Dongling Jade has a long history in China. It was first discovered during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) and has played an important role in Chinese culture ever since. Locals believe that Huang Dongling Jade has a connection to heaven and that it has supernatural powers that help heal illnesses and negative energies.

Huang Dongling Jade has long been a sought-after material for Chinese artwork and jewelry. It was used to create precious jewelry and objects for emperors and royalty. Jade was also used for religious statues and shrines and is considered a symbol of power, wealth and good fortune.

Health Benefits:

Huang Dongling Jade is a rare and valuable type of jade that is highly prized in China and other Asian countries. This particular type of jade has many health benefits that have been used by people in Asia for centuries.

Relaxation and calming of the body

The first and most well-known health benefits of Huang Dongling Jade is its ability to relax and calm the body.

Improving blood circulation

Applying jade to the skin can promote blood circulation and relax the muscles. This leads to relief from pain and tension and can help reduce stress.

Eliminate toxins

Another benefit of Huang Dongling Jade is its ability to detoxify the body. When applied to the skin, Huang Dongling Jade can help eliminate toxins from the body. In addition, Huang Dongling Jade contains a variety of minerals and trace elements that can help the body regenerate and stay healthy.

Improved skin appearance

This particular healing stone is also often associated with promoting skin health. It contains many important minerals and nutrients that help tighten and smooth the skin. Additionally, it can help retain moisture in the skin and give it a healthy, radiant appearance.

Strengthening the immune system

Another benefit of Huang Dongling Jade is its ability to boost the immune system. Because it contains many important minerals and nutrients, it can help protect the body against disease and infection.

We owe our EIRAMED crystal mat a unique combination of nine different healing stones, which when combined have an extraordinary effect on the body and mind. One of these valuable healing stones is Huang Dongling Jade. Huang Dongling Jade offers a variety of health benefits that make it a valuable healing stone. Its unique composition of minerals and trace elements also gives it the ability to promote mental clarity and improve physical and mental balance.

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