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The healing properties of the gemstone jade

The jade gemstone has been known and valued for its healing properties for thousands of years. In Asia, especially in China, it has always been regarded as a symbol of luck, wealth and well-being. The ancient Chinese even believed that the jade gem renews the soul and gives it energy.

But what makes jade such a special healing stone and how exactly does it work?

Scientifically, jade consists of different minerals such as nephrite and jade steatite. These minerals have a positive effect on the human body by influencing and stabilizing its vibrations.

One of the most well-known effects of jade is its calming effect on the nervous system. The gemstone can relieve stress, anxiety and nervous tension, leading the wearer to greater inner peace and serenity. In addition, jade is also often used for pain, especially back pain, as it can reduce inflammation and promote blood circulation.

Another aspect that supports jade's healing properties is its ability to stimulate the flow of energy in the body. The gem acts as a catalyst and helps to release blocked energies and improve the flow of life energy. This can lead to more vitality and energy and also increase physical and mental well-being.

But not only placed directly on the skin, jade can unfold its healing properties. His presence in the room can also give him a positive aura and help create a harmonious atmosphere.

The jade stone is used in traditional Asian medicine to treat a variety of health problems.

Here are some examples:

Kidney Problems : It is said that jade improves the functioning of the kidneys and can be helpful in kidney diseases.

Cardiovascular Diseases : Jade is believed to help regulate blood pressure and strengthen the heart.

Stress and Anxiety : Jade is said to have a calming effect on the nervous system and help reduce stress and anxiety.

Pain : Jade is said to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

Jade healing stone therapy with the EIRAMED crystal mat

This brings us to the final section of our post where we refer to our EIRAMED crystal mat. Our crystal mat features high quality gemstones including jade and is constructed to create optimal vibration. By lying on the mat, the body can absorb the healing properties of the gemstones and regenerate.

With the EIRAMED crystal mat you can not only use the healing effect of jade, but also benefit from a variety of other gemstones that are known for their positive effects on body and soul. The crystal mat is therefore a wonderful opportunity to support and strengthen your own body and mind.

Anyone who lies regularly on the EIRAMED crystal mat can be helped to harmonize their energy and release blockages. Physical well-being can also be increased as the mat helps to optimize the flow of energy in the body and reduce inflammation.

But not only physical aspects are influenced by the EIRAMED crystal mat, mental well-being can also be strengthened. The positive energy emanating from the gemstones can make one feel more relaxed and calm and reduce stress.


In summary, the healing properties of jade are an important part of how our crystal mat works. By combining it with other gemstones, the crystal mat can have an even stronger effect and optimally support the body and mind. We recommend everyone who is interested in the healing properties of gemstones to try an EIRAMED crystal mat and experience the positive effects for themselves.

It is important to note that each person may respond differently to the healing properties of gemstones. Some people feel an improvement in their well-being after just a few minutes on the crystal mat, while for others it may take some time for the effects to become visible.

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